three training call

3 Complimentary
Mystery Calls
to your front line

Do you really know what your employees sound like to your potential customers?

Are they providing the service you except and selling the vision you see?

Let us make three complimentary mystery calls so you can truly find out.

We will provide you with a recording of each call along with an online call analysis from one of our expert coaches via ORION, our powerful online coaching tool.

Simply click on this link and provide us with some basic information and we will do the rest.

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Customer Service Training Program

Create stronger service culture and build loyal relationships with your customers

Sales and customer service training is where 5STAR Concepts really shines. Fun and interactive workshops that give employees something to get excited about while providing a real opportunity for change. Our training is by far the most comprehensive in the industry, but what makes us unique is the fact that our training is tailored to each company.

customer loyalty is earnedAlthough many of the principles of customer service remain the same across industries, many industries have very unique needs which should be handled accordingly. Our customer service workshops are fun, interactive and inspiring. Your associates will move around, share ideas and most importantly learn! We guarantee that your associates will leave our workshops inspired to be a better employee and customer service agent.

The workshop is not enough, however. Itís what happens afterwards that real growth takes place. This is where mystery shopping (both onsite and telephone) along with personalized coaching takes place. Itís really quite simple: You receive a call and/or visit by one of our experienced shoppers. Phone calls are recorded and scrupulous notes about the visits are taken and then passed on to our coach. The coach then reviews the interaction, scores it against criteria taught in the workshops and provides personalized training notes to the associate about the visit or call. For example, during an interaction the coach may note that the employee did not use the customer's name and then encourages the associate, even giving examples on how, to use the customer name in future calls.

For most of our clients sales and customer service training is usually an ongoing process. The same employee will continue to work with the same coach. The coaches nurture and work with that employee to build those customer service and sales skills. They discover where the employees strengths are and build on those as well as working to improve those areas where the skills are lacking.

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